Well Engineering Partners prides itself in its ongoing development in innovation and knowledge. Therefore Well Engineering Partners support their employees in ongoing staff development.


Over 70% of Well Engineering Partners’ personnel have a MSc degree or higher, where the rest have a BSc degree.

 WEP education structure employees.


Once employed at Well Engineering Partners, the development of our employees continues. Key elements are on the job training and competency based progression.



WEP IADC accredited


Well Engineering Partners have established it’s own training facility comprising of an International Well Control Forum (IWCF) Assessment Center where Well Engineering Partners organizes IWCF-certified Well Control courses including  Well Drilling, Workover and Well Intervention courses. Most of our employees are certified in one or more of those courses.

It is possible to join our team members when they undertake the IWCF courses in our office.

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Additional courses for our staff includes Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC (SHE Checklist Contractors (SHE = Safety, Health and the Environment)) as quality and safety is regarded as fundamental for Well Engineering Partners, allowing our empWEP VCA Accreditedloyees to be instructed in the most up to date regulations in Safety, Health and Environment.