Groningen city allowed to drill for Geothermal Energy.

Geothermal, GRONINGEN NL, 27-04-2011 - The Department of Economic, Agriculture and Innovation has released the permits on the 15th April.


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Dutch government wants to stimulate the use of geothermal Energy.

Geothermal, AMSTERDAM NL, 24-04-2011 – Minister Verhagen of Economic affairs of Holland has set out a goal that in 2020 250,000 households need to be warmed by deep geothermal energy.

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The German drilling company Daldrup und Söhne AG to drill geothermal wells

Geothermal,  IJSELMUIDEN NL, 06-02-2011 - The company is expecting to strike two wells in the summer of 2011. The supply to the surrounding greenhouses, homes and offices is planned to be in the autumn read more »

Well Engineering Partners (WEP) and Petrogas Minerals International(PGMi) join forces.

Geothermal, HOOGEVEEN NL, 10-12-2010 - Well Engineering Partners (WEP) from Hoogeveen and Petrogas Minerals International (PGMi) from Groningen join forces per 1 January 2011 and create the largest independent read more »

Geothermal heat the Hague performed the deep drilling of the second geothermal well.

Geothermal, THE HAGUE NL , 09-11-2010 - In October Geothermal heat the Hague performed the deep drilling of the second geothermal well. After the heat is delivered to the customer the cooled water  will be pumped read more »

2000 meter well drilled in Escamp, The Hague

Geothermal, THE HAGUE NL , 29-09-2010 - Across the street from the Leyenburg hospital, The Hague writes history. For 2 months engineers are drilling a 2000 meter geothermal well. Last week they have reached the read more »

Dutch province of Drenthe supports innovative research project in the field of geothermal energy.

R & D, HOOGEVEEN NL , 10-09-2010 - On Thursday, September the 9th Janny Vlietstra (Economics and Labour) visited Ruma Rubber BV and Well Engineering Partners (WEP) in Hoogeveen. She brought along a generous read more »

State wants to gain extra salt from old Frisia well.

Salt Solution Mining, HARLINGEN NL, 24-12-2010 -  Thanks to the persistent winter weather, the state asks the Frisia salt plant in Harlingen to re-commission the closed borehole Sexbierum (BAS1). This way, read more »