Geothermal energy update July 2015: Green Well Westland’s geothermal well is back into production

Since September 2014 the production of the well was hampered due to a blockage. Various investigations were performed, among one by Well Engineering Partners, to find the cause of this blockage. Based on this study a repair plan was made, which involved read more »

Drilling has started for geothermal energy in Vierpolders

July 2015, Vierpolders, the Netherlands
Drilling has started for geothermal energy in Vierpolders. The geothermal energy is will be utilized by a group of greenhouse farms. Flowers, tomatoes, peppers , aubergines, other vegetables read more »

WEP’s Well Engineering Training Course is in progress in Oman

June 2015, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
A mid-sized operator in Oman, is placing trust in WEP’s Well Engineering Training Course as a tool to enhance practical knowledge in their pool of junior Drilling Engineers. Since February read more »


We are proud and have the pleasure to announce that Ponooc entered into a long-term partnership with Well Engineering Partners BV (WEP) by acquiring a substantial share in the company.
Ponooc is a private equity fund which has a strong interest read more »

Dick Swart and composite casing in the local newspaper

June 2015, Hoogeveen, the Netherlands
Dick Swart, an enthusiastic engineer and entrepreneur with a heart for geothermal energy as source of sustainable energy is one of the founding fathers of the development of composite casing read more »

Akiet BV starts building manufacturing facility in Lelystad

June 2015, Lelystad, the Netherlands
Over the past years Akiet has developed and proven its high strength composite pipe system for the drilling industry which resulted in the major highlight of building a production facility.
Planned read more »

ECI Rotary Steerable System

Huisman Well Technology (HWT) is developing a fully mechanical Rotary Steerable System (RSS) based on unique features of the Enhanced Casing Installation(ECI) system. Read read more »

Geothermal energy update April 2015

April 2015, Hoogeveen, the Netherlands
WEP is glad to be part of the team that develops for the future provision of sustainable energy to the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. This sustainable energy will be in the form of geothermal energy.
Groningen read more »