Smaller rigs, lower cost, lower loads

Smaller rigs, lower cost, lower loads, new opportunities for the drilling industry, geothermal energy, ECI and composites: WEP, HWT and Acquit present at DAP symposium.
Delft , 25 Februari 2015
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Geothermal energy update February 2015

February 2015, IJsselmuiden, the Netherlands.                   WEP is happy to know that the benefit of geothermal energy to the cooporative growers in Ijsselmuiden read more »

ECI and HSCC was presented at ATCE Amsterdam

WEP subsidiaries Acquit and HWT proudly presented the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI), and High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC) at the ATCE in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, last October. ATCE is the annual technical conference and exhibition of the read more »

Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI)

Huisman Well Technology developed the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) technology and successfully tested the system in the Czech Republic on a Huisman LOC400 casing drilling installation.
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WEP is presenting Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) and Rider systems at ATCE Amsterdam (27-29 October 2014)

WEP will be at ATCE in Amsterdam RAI from 27-29 October where we will present the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) and Rider systems.
Come and visit us at the Huisman booth nr. 2407 for ECI and booth nr. 2826 for Rider.
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World depth record with innovative High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™)

The 7”HSCC™ has been successfully installed covering the oil reservoir from 4917-5015 in a 5123m well which immediately result in the world record deepest high strength composite casing application.   Vision: Drilling with read more »

De Lier, drilling for geothermal energy update

August 2014, De Lier, The Netherlands
Well Engineering Partners (WEP) has successfully completed the well construction of two wells for the geothermal doublet for GDL (V.O.F. Geothermie De Lier) in De Lier, The Netherlands. The wells have been read more »

Geothermal energy update September 2014

Up to present date, September 2014,a total of 30 geothermal wells have been drilled in the Netherlands, of which a total of 25 wells were engineered and managed by Well Engineering Partners. The other 5 geothermal wells were drilled under management of read more »