WEP presents “Re-drill into a high-pressure Cavern to re-establish brine production” at the upcoming SMRI conference

At the upcoming SMRI fall 2014 conference WEP will present the paper “Re-drill into a high-pressure Cavern to re-establish brine production”.
The magnesium salts carnallite and bischofite are being solution mined by NEDMAG on the mining read more »

Operations have commenced on FRISIA BAS-3

Pietersbierum, 5th of June 2014
Operations have commenced on the well BAS-3 . BAS-3 is a well of Frisia Zout BV, part of ESCO.
Firstly the current cavern will be abandoned, requiring the placement of a seal in the bottom part read more »

De Lier, drilling for geothermal energy

May 2014, De Lier, the Netherlands
Tuesday 20th of May the drilling of the geothermal doublet for V.O.F. Geothermie de Lier has started by spudding the first well LIR-GT-01. Drilling contractor is KCA Deutag using its T-49 rig.
The doublet read more »

Breakthrough with innovative High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™)

Oil and Gas.  Acquit Business Development (ABD) with Well Engineering Partners (WEP) as major shareholder in ABD have developed a High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™) system. ABD will deliver in the middle of May the first read more »

3 well interventions at NEDMAG by snubbing unit

December 2013 - February 2014, NEDMAG salt solution mining, Veendam , the Netherlands
Well Engineering Partners completed successfully three Hydraulic Workover Snubbing Operations (HWO). In the 7 weeks, 2 wells were brought back into production read more »

ECW geothermal energy update

February 2014, Middenmeer, the Netherlands
At February 22nd MDM-GT-04, the last of 4 wells drilled of the two geothermal doublets for green house consortium ECW Geoholding, was completed and handed over for use.
Unique is that read more »

Drilling Tulip Oil HRK-01 well update

May 2013, Hemrik, The Netherlands
On May 15th 2013 drilling and completion of Tulip Oil Netherlands’ well Hemrik-01 was finished. Hemrik-01 (HRK-01) was drilled as an appraissal and production well for gas production from a known gas read more »

Floricultura geothermal doublet update

January 2014, Heemskerk, the Netherlands
At the 2nd of January GT-02, driling of the last well of the geothermal doublet for Ce-Ren Beheer / Floricultura , was completed and handed over for use.
Both wells GT-01 and GT-02 of read more »