Injectivity fully restored!

January 2014, Koekoekspolder, IJsselmuiden, the Netherlands
Geothermal injector KKP-GT-02 lost its injectivity after being in use for about one year. Investigation, by means of wireline, proved that the well was plugged with lead. Because a regular read more »

Milling out a cemented drill pipe sticking up at high depth by using coiled tubing

Sexbierum, 12th of December 2013
With a successful technical complicated workover and cementing operation carried out on well BAS-3 for Frisia Zout BV, part of ESCO, the planned sidetrack for this well can be performed. Only with an integer seal read more »

Royal couple admires Geothermal Dream

28th May 2013, Dwingeloo, the Netherlands
In May 2013 the new crowned king of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander visited the area where WEP is located. The king was accompanied by the new queen Maxima. The visit is a part of their acquaintance read more »

Thomas Hollmann Petroleum Tour

Hoogeveen, 18-06-2013. TU Delft student and WEP intern Thomas Hollmann departed on his SPE/ KIVI NIRIA sponsored 8 month mission to ride 30,000km through 30 countries across 3 continents of oil & gas locations read more »

ECW geothermal energy

Geothermal, Middenmeer NL, 04-06-2013. WEP is pleased to announce spudding of MDM-GT-01, the first of two geothermal production doublets on the Middenmeer exploration licence (Agriport A7) for read more »

Floricultura Geothermal Doublet

Geothermal news, Heemskerk NL, 23-03-2013 Well Engineering Partners is pleased to announce the spudding of geothermal production well HEK-GT-01 in Heemskerk for Dutch company Floricultura BV, the market leading read more »

Drilling Tulip Oil HRK-01 well

Oil & Gas, Hemrik, 07-03-2013. WEP proudly announces that after a period of preparation, the drilling of the new appraisal / gas production well of Tulip Oil Netherlands has started. Tulip Oil Netherlands read more »

3rd DAP Geothermal Symposium TU Delft

On Monday februari 11th 2013, the third DAP Geothermal Symposium will be held. The Delft Geothermal Research Project (DAP) is an initiative from students and employees from the department of Geoscience & Engineering read more »