Geothermal doublet Duyvestijn tomato nursery Pijnacker NL

Pijnacker, NL, 12aug10. In Pijnacker, which is situated in the NL, several agricultural companies signed  for a collaboration of the development for geothermal energy for heating their greenhouses. After read more »

ECW geothermal energy

Geothermal, Middenmeer NL, 04-06-2013. WEP is pleased to announce spudding of MDM-GT-01, the first of two geothermal production doublets on the Middenmeer exploration licence (Agriport A7) for read more »

Floricultura Geothermal Doublet

Geothermal news, Heemskerk NL, 23-03-2013 Well Engineering Partners is pleased to announce the spudding of geothermal production well HEK-GT-01 in Heemskerk for Dutch company Floricultura BV, the market leading read more »

Drilling Tulip Oil HRK-01 well

Oil & Gas, Hemrik, 07-03-2013. WEP proudly announces that after a period of preparation, the drilling of the new appraisal / gas production well of Tulip Oil Netherlands has started. Tulip Oil Netherlands read more »

Sidetrack KEM ONE PA30

Vauvert, FR, sep12. Rock salt has been solution mined by KEM ONE in the South-East of France for over 40 years.  Approximately 20 doublets have been drilled in the Parappon and La Galine fields. The brine is transported read more »

Drilling KEM ONE PA32/33 doublet

Vauvert, FR, 07jun12. Well Engineering Partners provided various services for brine producing wells owned by KEM ONE. To increase the production, KEM ONE decided to drill a new doublet (PA32/33) in the parrapon read more »

Drilling Tulip Oil DKK04 well

Oil and Gas, Donkerbroek NL, 03-07-2012 WEP proudly announces that after a period of preparation drilling of the first new gas well of Tulip Oil Netherlands has started. The well (DKK-04) will be situated in Donkerbroek read more »

Research & Development

During the years, WEP has come across problems without good available solutions. Therefore, WEP is developing equipment and techniques for specific problems and non-standard solutions. The Research and Development team read more »