Maghreb Petroleum Exploration 2 Gas exploration wells

Tendrara, MA, 22mar06. Maghreb Petroleum Exploration decided to drill in underbalanced conditions two deviated gas exploration wells, with cemented completions  to a vertical depth of 2700 meters in a desert read more »

Salt solution well BAS-4 Frisia zout B.V.

Harlingen, NL, 02mar04. WEP supplied the engineering of Frisia's BAS-4 well, which is an vertical salt solution well which is situated in Harlingen NL just as BAS-3. The well with a total depth of 2500 meters read more »

Salt solution well BAS-3 Frisia zout B.V.

Harlingen, NL, 06mar03. Frisia zout B.V. situated in Harlingen Netherland produces and sells approximately 1 million tons salt per year. Well Engineering Partners has been Frisia's primary support for well project read more »

Finite Element Model for casing running buckling analysis

WEP is involved in finding solutions for running casing in extreme long reach wells. A part of the project consisted of modeling the buckling behavior. A finite element model is now available that calculates the behavior read more »

Injection Pressure Control Valve (IPCV)

WEP is involved in one of the most extensive geothermal heat project in the Netherlands. This project will provide heating for 4000 houses and apartments. The geothermal doublet has a vertical depth of over 2000 meters. read more »

Packoff sub (POS)

The Pack-Off Sub (POS) has been developed to efficient and safely test geothermal wells. When performing a production test of a geothermal well an Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) is lowered into the well and is used read more »

Special launch sub

A special Launch Sub was built for one of our salt producing customers to be able to install casing while drilling. Actually two casing strings were installed in one run when drilling through an existing cavern. The purpose read more »

Pump Out Reamer Shoe

A custom made Pump Out Reamer Shoe has been designed and manufactured for one of WEP’s Salt producing clients. This shoe was part of a 5” liner which was run in after drilling a 300m sidetrack into an existing live read more »