Well Projects

Workover Nedmag Magnesium-brine well

Veendam, NL, 13may08. Well Engineering Partners provided various services for magnesium brine producing wells owned by Nedmag. A HWO was needed for the wells. Some wells were still in production until the start read more »

Maghreb Petroleum Exploration 2 Gas exploration wells

Tendrara, MA, 22mar06. Maghreb Petroleum Exploration decided to drill in underbalanced conditions two deviated gas exploration wells, with cemented completions  to a vertical depth of 2700 meters in a desert read more »

Salt solution well BAS-4 Frisia zout B.V.

Harlingen, NL, 02mar04. WEP supplied the engineering of Frisia's BAS-4 well, which is an vertical salt solution well which is situated in Harlingen NL just as BAS-3. The well with a total depth of 2500 meters read more »

Salt solution well BAS-3 Frisia zout B.V.

Harlingen, NL, 06mar03. Frisia zout B.V. situated in Harlingen Netherland produces and sells approximately 1 million tons salt per year. Well Engineering Partners has been Frisia's primary support for well project read more »