Concept Selection

Concept selection (step 2)

The WEProcess consists of the following five steps for the planning and the execution phase of a well construction project :

1. Planning (project definition)
2. Pre-engineering (concept selection)
3. Detailed engineering
4. Work preparation (operations engineering)
5. Project execution

Pre-engineering: concept selection

In the concept selection phase options are developed to achieve the objectives, including preliminary risk and cost assessments. After QAQC and approval , result is a Basis of Design (BOD) of one selected concept with accompanying design notes on which the detailed design will be based. This project pre-design is to be approved by the customer. After customer approval main selection is performed and tendering for the main selection is started.

result >>Basis of Design (BOD)
result >>Main specification & selection

a. Rig selection (based on geology, T&D, hydraulics, well design, mud specifications)
b. Service selection
c. Materials selection
d. Site layout (based on rig selection, services and materials)

>>> Tender for main selection (rig, service, materials, site layout)

a. long lead items, conventional items (rig, conventional materials and routine services)

basis of design u_2

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