Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering (step 3)

The WEProcess consists of the following five steps for the planning and the execution phase of a well construction project :

1. Planning (project definition)
2. Pre-engineering (concept selection)
3. Detailed engineering
4. Work preparation (operations engineering)
5. Project execution

Detailed engineering

Detailed engineering results in a detailed well design, including a bill of materials and cost estimate. After QAQC and approval the customer needs to approve this definite ‘project design’. After customer approval, additional specification & selection and additional tendering is performed.

result >> Definite Project design

a. Geology
b. Well design
    i. Offset wells analysis for drilling hazards and geological specifications.
    ii. Geological review
    iii. Drill path
    iv. Casing shoe selection (depth and geological position)
    v. Casing design
        1. Casing
        2. Connections
        3. Completion
    vi. Well schematics including casing selection, sizes, grades, casing depths,
    vii. Wellhead
c. Drilling design
    i. Hydraulics
    ii. Torque and drag (T&D)
    iii. Drillability check (by T&D)
d. Mud specifications (based on geology, T&D, hydraulics, well design)
e. Risk assessment (all branches)
f. QAQC (all branches)
g. Approval (all branches)
h. Cost estimate (all branches)
i. Bill of materials

result >> Mud selection
result >> Additional specification & selection (special services & materials)

>>> Tendering items defined in detailed engineering (special materials & services)
>>> Mud package tendering & additional tendering (special services & materials)

basis of design u_2

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