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Wireline Salt Well

About Frisia Zout                                       


Parent Company:
K+S Group


Headquarters Frisia Zout B.V:      




Amount of Mines:
4 wells
Salt Production per year:
1 Mt




Wireline at Frisia Zout B.V.


 Wireline Project Budget:
40 k€


Amount of Wirelines performed by Well Engineering Partners:


Frisia Zout B.V., an ESCO company, relies on Well Engineering Partners’ design and supervision services for its ongoing wireline operations at its Salt Wells


Since 1995 rock salt has been solution mined at the Barradeel and Barradeel II concession in the Northwest of the Netherlands by FRISIA Zout B.V. with four brine production wells. The brine is lifted to the surface via deep wells and transported to Harlingen where it is processed by vacuum  evaporation. The salt is mined at a depth between 2500 and 3000 meters making it one of the deepest salt mines in the world. This extreme depth has implications for the mining process. At this depth the higher differential pressure between rock and cavern and the higher geostatic temperature than for conventional caverns accelerates the salt flow near the cavern. This results in higher stresses and strains on the well casings, which can damage the well.


Wireline at Frisia ZoutTherefore proper and regular well and cavern management is needed to maintain a sound production of brine to the processing plant. Wireline logging and echo measurements are standard within this well management. Frisia Zout B.V. hires Well Engineering Partners to design and advice the wireline programs needed for the different wells and supervising them during the wireline operations as a so called “company man”.


“The main objective for logging and echo measurements is to gather data of the current status of the cavern and to interpret the data so that correct actions can be taken in the near future. Well Engineering Partners have extensive knowledge and can source from an experienced team allowing for quick judgments during those wireline operations enabling them to provide us with new insights of our caverns on the spot,” says Laurens Mulder, Technical Director, Frisia Zout B.V.  


“Timing of those wireline operations is always critical. There are regular scheduled wireline operations, but also non-scheduled operations. Those are time critical and need to be performed in the least possible time. Well Engineering Partners adds value to Frisia Zout B.V. by planning the wireline program, advising us the best route to follow both technically and economically and proposing this all in a clear and transparent way, so that Frisia Zout B.V. can quickly asses the program and action on the program with supervision of Well Engineering Partners during the operation,” he adds.


“Well Engineering Partners has been our primary support for well project management services in the last 10 years. It is a company with a mix of expertise which can be drawn upon when needed. They have flexible team members which can fit in any intercompany project team. Well Engineering Partners understands the interests of our company and is able to translate this in optimal operations. With that Well Engineering Partners is an integral part of Frisia Zout B.V.,” concludes Mulder.