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Workover Salt Well

About NEDMAG Industries


Parent Companies: 
Lhoist and NOM


Headquarters Lhoist:
Limelette, Belgium


Employees NEDMAG:



Amount of Salt Mines:
? wells
Salt Production per year:
0.5 Mt




Workover operations
at Nedmag
Project Budget:
2 mil.€ for design and workover costs
Amount of well interventions by Well Engineering Partners:

NEDMAG Industries uses Well Engineering Partners’ well intervention and workover supervision services for its magnesium chloride production well TR-8

In 1979, Shell-Billiton and NOM, a Dutch Investment Bank, formed a new company called Magin – Magnesia International. An unexpected discovery provided the incentive for this new venture, during the course of exploratory drilling for gas in the Groningen area, in the north of the Netherlands, Shell encountered a layer of the mineral bischoffite. This unique magnesium chloride deposit would form the basis of Magin’s Dead-Burned Magnesia (DBM) production, which started during 1981. In 1994 the company passed into the hands of a new consortium of shareholders and was renamed NEDMAG INDUSTRIES Mining and Manufacturing B.V., in which NEDMAG stands for Nederlandse Magnesia. Since 2000 Well Engineering Partners(WEP) has been involved in the design of wells and workovers of those wells.

Workover at NEDMAG Industries“Since WEP is involved in the optimisation and troubleshooting aspects of our magnesium chloride brine production and the design of workovers or new well drilling, the co-operation resulted in an optimal well design specific for our squeezing magnesium chloride. Important is also that WEP has a large operational drilling supervision experience which is incorporated in the well design which makes the design more robust and proven for operation,” says Frans Goorman, Technology Director, NEDMAG Industries.

In order to perform the workover on TR-8, WEP assisted NEDMAG Industries with the design, procurement and supervision of the workover of the magnesium chloride production well.

“The objective of this workover was to do a preventive replacement of the injection and production tubings to secure high quality magnesium chloride production and increase brine production volume of the TR-8 well,” explains Goorman.

“WEP has specific experience with salt caverns and with squeezing salts. Furthermore WEP not only has broad engineering experience, but also takes care of the supervision during the drilling phase. The entire project can be sourced out to a well experienced partner,” says Goorman.

“WEP has developed the floating mud cap technology that makes it possible to kill a well that gives access to a pressurised cavern. This makes it possible to remove damaged piping from a pressured cavern. Also a launch sub was developed and successfully deployed which reduced the project costs,” adds Goorman.

Goorman concludes; “WEP has broad experience in design and operational aspects, good communication with the customer. The whole project from design to supervision of all the contractors and procurement can be taken care of by WEP, which adds value to NEDMAG Industries.”