General Company Information


Download: Well Engineering Partners Company presentation


The document gives an overview of Well Engineering Partners B.V. company.



Oil and Gas Information


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Salt Solution Information


Download: Abandonment of an extremely deep Cavern at Frisia Salt


This paper describes compression tests and the comprehensive model indicating that the test cavern has been in a continuing permeating condition soon after shut-in. The effects on subsidence of the expected migration process is thought to be marginal. The compression tests and the comprehensive model suggest the presence of high linear creep.


Download: Process controlling, understanding, and optimization in a solution Salt Mine through the data aquisition


This paper describes how a system has been set up at to be able to monitor the data from a distance. Data has been put in graphs to monitor the  trends daily. All gauges are also continuously monitored to maintain accuracy. With this system a better understanding of the mining process has  been made and has led to many optimizations.



Geothermal Energy Information


Download: Recommended minimum functional specifications and standards for geothermal wells in the Netherlands


The document provides an overview of the minimum specifications and standards needed for geothermal wells in the Netherlands.


Download: General Organisational Structure Geothermal Projects


The document provides an overview of an organisation which would comply with requirements of the Dutch Mining Regulations, covering the different phases of a Geothermal Project. (Dutch version)





Download: WEP-GEOprocess


This document describes the process to design and construct a well/geothermal doublet in 4 phases. (Dutch version)



Presentations DAP 25 Februari 2015


WEP, HWT and Acquit work step by step towards an integrated rig solution to drill wells safer and more efficiently at lower operational cost. Technical solutions are provided to reduce risk and regain control over the entire system. E.g. Smaller rigs, lower cost, lower loads, new opportunities for the drilling industry, geothermal energy, ECI, MPD and composites.


Download: Drilling with small rigs to 3000m – By M. Middelburg
Download: Innovative High Strength Composite Casings – By R. Selles
Download: DAP symposium presentation
Download: Summary HWT 2015 DAP symposium
Download: ECI final



Akiet HSCC High Strength Composite Casing


Download Akiet SPE Presentation