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Dutch province of Drenthe supports innovative research project in the field of geothermal energy.

R & D, HOOGEVEEN NL , 10-09-2010 – On Thursday, September the 9th Janny Vlietstra (Economics and Labour) visited Ruma Rubber BV and Well Engineering Partners (WEP) in Hoogeveen. She brought along a generous gift: a subsidy of € 513,000.


Both companies situated in Hoogeveen NL join for a practical research project in the field of geothermal energy which promises new jobs for twenty to thirty employees with a turnover exceeding € 10 million.


“The province of Drenthe is committed to high activity and employment. The promising development that consortium is making, works perfectly with our vision for a knowledge economy and therefore deserves a boost,” says the commissioner. The Ministry of Economic Affairs supports the project with the same amount as the province.


Ruma Rubber BV has a strong position in the field of rubber technology. Well Engineering Partners (WEP) has specialist knowledge in the field of drilling technology. The companies join together for the development of the swelling of rubber seals, which can be used in extremely deep underground.


Ruma Rubber WEP and develop a technique and materials that can withstand high temperature, high pressure and chemically aggressive environments such as high salt concentrations. this application makes the possibility for more profitable  exploration of geothermal power.