New Technology

ECI Rotary Steerable System

Huisman Well Technology (HWT) is developing a fully mechanical Rotary Steerable System (RSS) based on unique features of the Enhanced Casing Installation(ECI) system. Read more about the ECI system

The combination of casing drilling and rotary steerable technology ensures a very low risk drilling system.

ECI is an innovative retrievable casing installation system that allows (directional) drilling and installing casing simultaneously while keeping the freedom to change BHA components mid-section if needed or at TD with a minimum of pipe handling involved.

A conventional RSS on drill pipe requires various position measurements and an electronic control system to steer. However, casing has a much higher rotational stiffness when compared to a conventional drill string what results in very stable and efficient drilling with small twist and stick&slip effects. These effects are sufficiently small to simplify the electronic control system in such amount that it is possible to move all controls to surface. The steering direction (Tool Face) and exact position are transmitted to surface via a link with the MWD. The steering direction is controlled by altering the top drive speed instead of downlinking with pressure pulses.

The point-the-bit type RSS system has the small stick-out which is characteristic for the ECI system ensuring a well-protected BHA with a minimal chance of getting stuck and capable of drilling the most troublesome formations.

The RSS can be operated manually but an automated rig-integrated version is worked at as visualized in the animation. The 150t highly mobile Huisman rig which is currently under development will have this unique feature.

For more information, please contact HWT: email HWT

Huisman Well Technology is the joint-venture between Well Engineering Partners (WEP) and Huisman Equipment. Huisman Equipment builds Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches and more. Products are the Globetrotter drill ships and LOC400 casing drill rigs.

Well Engineering Partners is a Well Engineering consultancy offering project management and other well engineering related services for clients in the oil, gas, salt and geothermal industry.

HWT combines the Huisman drilling equipment capabilities and the WEP expertise on the drilling process to develop integrated technologies to increase the efficiency of the complete well construction process.

Hier wordt geïnvesteerd in uw toekomst. Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt met steun van het Europees Fonds voor regionale Ontwikkeling van de Europese Unie.