ECW geothermal energy

Geothermal, Middenmeer NL, 04-06-2013. WEP is pleased to announce spudding of MDM-GT-01, the first of two geothermal production doublets on the Middenmeer exploration licence (Agriport A7) for Dutch greenhouse consortium ECW Geoholding BV.  The objective is to reduce production costs incurred by greenhouse heating using the more efficient and sustainable renewable energy source.



It is planned to drill just over 2000m down into the Slochteren sandstone with the DS10 rig (Bentec Eurorig) in a turnkey operation by the German drilling contractor Daldrup & Söhne. It is hoped a formation test, once the well is completed, will produce water at approximately 97 deg C. WEP provides well engineering, project management services and wellsite supervision.