ECW geothermal energy update

February 2014, Middenmeer, the Netherlands

At February 22nd MDM-GT-04, the last of 4 wells drilled of the two geothermal doublets for green house consortium ECW Geoholding, was completed and handed over for use.

Unique is that the two doublets, consisting of 2 x 2 wells, are drilled from a single location. All wells were drilled in the Slochteren sandstone formation to a depth of around 2400 m vertical from the surface, from where the geothermal water will be extracted. Both doublets have been tested and found suitabe for production and injection.

With this milestone ECW is able to connect the greenhouses on the geothermal energy supply. Geothermal energy will be used by several large scale green house enterprises. Main cultivation is tomato and paprika.

When both doublets are brought onstream the largest geothermal project in the Netherlands to date will be completed.

Drilling was performed using a 350 metric ton rig. Well Engineering Partners provided well engineering, support and well site supervision on the drilling and well testing.