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2000 meter well drilled in Escamp, The Hague

Geothermal, THE HAGUE NL , 29-09-2010 – Across the street from the Leyenburg hospital, The Hague writes history. For 2 months engineers are drilling a 2000 meter geothermal well. Last week they have reached the endpoint. Last week the source of geothermal heat has been tested extensively. The engineers are very satisfied. After extensive testing shows that the source 150 m3 per hour can produce. This is quite sufficient to the proposed 4,000 homes and 20,000 square meter premises in The Hague Southwest heating. Moreover, the water temperature over 75 degrees Celsius. That is beyond expectations. Just this week the builders are going to place the 38 meters high drilling rig eight meters further exactly above the location of a second source. This is necessary for the cooled water back to pump back into the earth. It is expected that the second well will be drilled faster because the drilling company now has the knowledge and experience with the composition of this surface.