Drilling of KEM ONE PA-30 sidetrack with snubbing unit completed

Salt Solution Mining, Vauvert (Fr.), September 2012; On the 30th of September Well Engineering Partners BV & KEM ONE have released the Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) HWT600 owned by Balance Point Control (BPC) from the PA30/31 location. The doublet is situated in the Parrapon concession near the community of Vauvert in France. The HWU was used to directionally drill  a 300 m sidetrack to enter an existing live cavern at 2420m measured depth with a cavern pressure of 400 bar. The drilling was successfully done with keeping a back pressure of 150 bars on the well and snubbing equipment in and out, while maintaining this pressure. The 5” liner was run with WEP’s special designed pump out reamer shoe for entering live caverns and to remotely disconnect by pumping out the shoe at the end of the operation. The existing brine leaching doublet has successfully been restarted to increase production capacity of KEM ONE’s Saline de Vauvert brine plant. Well Engineering Partners provided the overall engineering, total project management and well site supervision for this project.