Floricultura Geothermal Doublet

Geothermal news, Heemskerk NL, 23-03-2013 Well Engineering Partners is pleased to announce the spudding of geothermal production well HEK-GT-01 in Heemskerk for Dutch company Floricultura BV, the market leading specialist in Orchid breeding, selection and propagation. This will be the first well of a doublet to be used by Floricultura to heat their greenhouses thereby fulfilling part of their mission to use renewable energy sources.



It is planned to drill just over 3000m down into the Slochteren sandstone with the rig DS20 (Drillmec HH300) in a turnkey operation by the German drilling contractor Daldrup & Söhne. It is hoped a formation test, once the well is completed, will produce water at approximately 90 deg C. WEP provides engineering and project management services and wellsite supervision for this project.