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Greenhouse geopower Koekoekspolder.

Geothermal, KOEKOEKSPOLDER, 22-01-2010 – In the Koekoekspolder near Kampen-IJsselmuiden a start will be made with the realization of energy harvesting from Geothermal resources. Incorporated in this project are; greenhouse industies, Kampen council and the province of Overijssel.

The main goal of the geothermal project in the Koekoekspolder area is to provide three greenhouse industries, with a combined greenhouse surface area of 17.5 hectare, with geothermal energy.

WEP will provide ‘Aardwarmtecluster B.V.’ from the Koekoekspolder area with independent drillmanagement services. They are, among others, responsible for the safety at the drill location and provide supervision services during the drilling project. WEP was direct responsible for the successful project management in the drilling project near The Hague for Geothermal Heat The Hague in The Netherlands.

Source: www.greenhousegeopower.nl