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Groningen city allowed to drill for Geothermal Energy.

Geothermal, GRONINGEN NL, 27-04-2011 – The Department of Economic, Agriculture and Innovation has released the permits on the 15th April.


There exist under the city, on a depth of roughly three kilometre, a sandstone layer which is water bearing with a temperature between 120 to 125 degrees celcius. The water will be pumped up to the surface enabling durable heating of about 22,500 houses. The water will be re-injected after usage allowing it to heat up again.


Water will be pumped to the surface at three locations: Zernike Science Park, at UMCG and under the newly build area De Held III. It is not yet clear when the drilling will commence.


Source: http://www.oogtv.nl/2011/04/stad-mag-warmte-uit-grond-halen/


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