Geothermal Energy News

Hoogweg Aardwarmte B.V. Triplet, ready to go

February 2018, Luttelgeest, The Netherlands
Preparations for this project started mid ‘17 with the concept and detailed design of the triplet wells phase, followed by the process of securing the permits and materials and services required to deliver the wells. In January ’18 three conductor pipes have been successfully installed. In February Drilltec’s VarioRig VDD370.2 will be rigged up to commence with drilling the first of three wells. Each well is planned to be delivered within 30 days, including well test.

For this project, Well Engineering Partners is responsible for the well designs, project planning, tendering and coordination of the contracting of the materials and services suppliers. During the execution phase WEP provides the coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies will provide materials and services.