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Potentially new regulations for geothermal well production

Geothermal, THE HAGUE NL, 03-06-11 – It might be possible that the regulations for geothermal energy production need to be changed, after the discovery of oil and gas during pumping operations of geothermal wells. This is said by Jan de Jong, inspector-general of the state supervision of mines (SodM), in an interview with Vakblad Bloemisterij.


According to De Jong is the state considering to change the regulations for safety and environment related to geothermal energy production. These can be different changes according to the inspector-general. For example direct regulations related to the production of geothermal energy, but also regulations related to processes in the organizations which produce geothermal energy. When these changes will be in force is still unknown.


SodM is part of the ministry of Economics, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I). SodM is in constant consultation with EL&I, about these changes. The minister of EL&I has the final say in these changes.


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