Successful Hydraulic Workover Operation (HWO) at Frisia Zout

Salt Solution, HOOGEVEEN, 30-09-2011 – Well Engineering Partners in Hoogeveen completed successfully a Hydraulic Workover Operation (HWO) at Frisia Zout.

In the two weeks scheduled factory maintenance stop Well Engineering Partners completed a HWO on time and repaired the well successfully.

“The aim was to repair a damaged well at one of the wells at Frisia Zout. It has been producing for some time with tubings at less than optimal salt solution mining heights. In order to configure the well to optimal mining conditions an extensive wireline program has been conducted in the first week of the factory stop. This wireline program is performed to acquire sufficient data to repair the well in the second week with a HWO. The project was time critical as the factory was scheduled to be started after two week and is depending on the salt produced from the well. Well Engineering Partners, with its sub-contractors, was able to handover the well on time enabling Frisia Zout to start-up the factory as scheduled”