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The German drilling company Daldrup und Söhne AG to drill geothermal wells

Geothermal,  IJSELMUIDEN NL, 06-02-2011 – The company is expecting to strike two wells in the summer of 2011. The supply to the surrounding greenhouses, homes and offices is planned to be in the autumn of 2011. The feasibility study of the province of Overijssel provides possible eight wells in the area.


Earlier this month an announcement was made, that the government proceeded the current hold in the thinking method about drilling for geothermal energy. Victor van Heekeren, chairman of the Platform Geothermal, sees no obstacle  in the drilling plans at the Koekoekspolder. “The situation is diffused, ” he admits, but “there is not much that can stop drilling the holes.” Any party who can demonstrate that their safety procedures are correct and the liability and insurance in case of emergencies are regulated, can drill geothermal wells.


Well Engineering Partners that is responsible for the drilling management in the Koekoekspolder, also has a blueprint of the written safety procedures.


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