WEP assist TNK-BP in development of corporate drilling standards

Since this summer Well Engineering Partners are working on a project to assist TNK-BP in the development of technical support documentation for TNK-BP drilling regulatory documents and standards. The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive set of Corporate Drilling Standards. These Corporate Drilling Standards will consist of topical standards, procedures and manuals to conduct TNK-BP’s drilling business in a regulated, consistent and safe manner across all regions and will be considered the basis for company specific competence development and assurance, training and improvement processes.


For more information please refer to the article from the TNK-BP technology magazine “Innovator” or contact Hein van Heekeren on the Hoogeveen office telephone number.


TNK-BP is a leading Russian oil company and is among the top ten privately-owned oil companies in the world in terms of crude oil production. The company was formed in 2003 as a result of the merger of BP’s Russian oil and gas assets and the oil and gas assets of Alfa, Access/Renova group (AAR). BP and AAR each own 50% of TNK-BP. In 2010 the company produced on average 1.74 mboed (excluding its 50% share in Slavneft). Currently the Company is subject to a buy-out by Rosneft.