Drilling and Well Engineering News

WEP successfully completed the drilling of the TR-09 well for Nedmag Veendam NL.

Salt Solution, HOOGEVEEN, 23-12-2011 – Well Engineering Partners (WEP) managed the design, procurement and drilling of NEDMAG’s new salt solution mining well TR-9. Upon completion of the procurement process, NEDMAG awarded KCA Deutag with the contract to drill the well with the T45 drilling rig. The aim was to drill an S-shaped well with an horizontal outstep of 1300m. TD is 2500m AH. The section with an inclination of more than 60 degrees was drilled with the use of a rotary steerable BHA. The main objective of the TR-9 well is to establish a brine cavern in the ZEZ 3, 1b. A secondary objective was to gather information about the salt ore body. For this reason the final section has been drilled with a coring BHA. In total more than 80m of core has been recovered. The drilling started on the 10th of November 2011 and  was completed on the 19th of December. The rig is released and current activities are rigging down and backload of equipment.






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