Work over high pressure salt production well Frisia/ESCO

Re-configuration of completion for a high pressure salt production well

Summary data:
• Tzumarrum, The Netherlands
• Start date: October 2017
• End date: October 2017
• Goal: Re-configure completion for future well production
• Result: Well back to salt production

Project description:
During production the lower section of the well completion became damaged. Although the damage was not directly influencing the well production it restricted full-bore access to the cavern for logging operations and was considered to potentially lead to further issues in the future if not remediated.
In preparation of the workover with Hydraulic workover unit (HWU) the lower, damaged, section of the completion was cut and dropped in the cavern. After this logging was performed to assess the well condition.
With the HWU new sections were added to the inner completion string, after which the well was successfully brought back into production.
For this project, Well Engineering Partners provided project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies provided materials and services.