Work over high pressure salt production well Nedmag

Replacement of inner completion and cleanout for a high pressure salt production well

Summary data:
• Veendam, The Netherlands
• Start date: October 2017
• End date: November 2017
• Goal: Re-establish injection and replace inner completion string
• Result: Well back to salt production

Project description:
The inner completion string was corroded over time and in addition scaling had built up in the injection annulus between the inner and outer completion string.
The inner completion string was pulled out of hole with a hydraulic workover unit (HWU). Multiple holes were encountered in the string as a result of corrosion. To clean the inside of the outer completion string a coiled tubing unit was rigged up on top of the HWU.
A tubing integrity log was performed, which confirmed the outer completion to be in good condition. New inner completion was installed and the well brought back into production.
For this project, Well Engineering Partners provided project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies provided materials and services.