Work over high pressure salt production well Nedmag

Re-configuration of completion for a high pressure salt production well

Summary data:
• Veendam, The Netherlands
• Start date: September 2017
• End date: October 2017
• Goal: Re-configure completion for future well production
• Result: Well back to salt production

Project description:
The lower section of the well completion, became damaged, restricting efficient production from the well.
With the Hydraulic workover unit (HWU) the inner completion string was retrieved. The production string was cut above the damaged section and the upper section of the outer completion retrieved. To re-establish entrance to the cavern system, milling operations were performed. To assess the downhole situation at the Hold-up-depth (HUD) real-time wireline camera runs were performed both prior to the milling operations and after. Once an exit was confirmed the drill-in completion was run in hole.
The drill-in completion was equipped with a sacrificial BHA; including a mud motor (PDM) and a directional MWD. The sacrificial MWD was included to drill a vertical hole through the cavern section, for improved stability and prevent damage to the tubing. On previous similar operations directional control was performed with multiple single shot wireline surveys every stand drilled. Due to the inclusion of the MWD the multiple wireline runs could be eliminated, which proved a benefit both to operational time and to HSE. In addition the continuous directional control allowed for an overall higher ROP due to a faster feedback on BHA directional behaviour.
For this project, Well Engineering Partners provided project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management and supervision for the project while other companies provided materials and services.