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Drilling at ADH

About Aardwarmte Den Haag

Parent Companies:
Municipality of The Hague, the energy companies Eneco and E.ON Benelux and the housing corporations Staedion, Vestia and Haag Wonen
Headquarters Aardwarmte Den Haag:
The Hague


Amount of Geothermal Mines:
2 wells
Water Production per year:
n.a. (due to production startup)


Geothermal operations
at Aardwarmte Den Haag


Project Budget:
10 mil.€ for drilling and related costs
Amount of wells drilled by Well Engineering Partners:



Aardwarmte Den Haag used Well Engineering Partners’ geothermal well design and drilling supervision services for its geothermal doublet wells in the city of The Hague.

Generating safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for heating 4000 houses and apartments is the main objective of Aardwarmte Den Haag, which is the most extensive geothermal heat project done so far in The Netherlands. This is possible because around 2,000 metres under The Hague South West there is an underground layer of sandstone: the Rijswijk Sands. Sandstone which is suitable for pumping up the warm groundwater because it is porous and permeable. The water is warmed by the earth’s core and is approximately 75 degrees Celsius. Two wells are needed in order to bring the warm water to the surface: a production well and an injection well, the so-called Geothermal doublet.

“Well Engineering Partners with IF Technology  (IFWEP) was hired by Aardwarmte Den Haag to perform the well design of the geothermal doublet, supervise the drilling of both wells and help with the start-up of the production after drilling completion,” says Frank Schoof, Director, Aardwarmte Den Haag.

Drilling at Aardwarmte Den HaagIn order to perform the well design, Well Engineering Partners supported Aardwarmte Den Haag with the total process required to drill a well. Planning applications, geological studies, initial design, final design, drill rig tendering, material tenders, developing the well drilling program and drilling supervision.

“Amongst many, one of the examples where Well Engineering Partners added value to our project is the large experience they have in dealing with the authorities: Aardwarmte Den Haag is a one-time user in planning applications and Well Engineering Partner guided us through that process,” explains Schoof.

“The project has a big challenge; drilling and production in a closely populated part of The Hague, near a hospital,” adds Schoof. During the drilling supervision, close attention had to be paid to the sound levels and transparent communications to the authorities and neighbourhood had to be honoured.

“One of the other reasons for choosing Well Engineering Partners to design and project manage the drilling of the doublet is their experience with effective design and their flexible approach given our special requirements,” says Schoof.

Frank Schoof would recommend Well Engineering Partners;  “Well Engineering Partners is competent, thinking ahead and has good references in the field of geothermal energy,” he concludes.