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Complex projects asks for highly skilled people and detailed innovative studies to be able to deliver save, sound, durable and high end quality projects. Well Engineering Partners is able to provide this to its clients through its forward thinking engineers.


When a client requires further investigation whilst undergoing a well engineering or salt mining solution project , Well Engineering Partners can mobilize and  provide support to the client project team. A pragmatic approach and an operational mindset will be taken in order to achieve quick and realistic outcome of the investigation.


Well Engineering Partners can perform innovative in-depth research studies with sound test procedures in order to develop a new approach to challenges our clients face.


With Well Engineering Partners’ engineers, which have predominant a master degree in mining or petroleum engineering, detailed studies can be conducted in the following areas, but not limited to:


New Well tools development Cavern Abandonment studies Resource/Reserves calculations
Well Engineering Audits Quick scan to detailed feasibility studies Gas/CO2 storage studies

Clients count on Well Engineering Partners’ strategic approach, solid engineering ability and forward thinking attitude incorporated in the studies. This helps them to make sound decisions based on high quality outcome and advice.


Contact us to let Well Engineering Partners tackle your challenging questions allowing you to make correct decisions on valid arguments.


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