Drilling and Well Engineering

Drilling a well for oil, gas, salt or geothermal energy asks for careful planning with a high level of expertise. That expertise is what Well Engineering Partners has to offer you adding value to your project.


The setup of our services can be customized to your needs, however in general Well Engineering Partners works via the following project team setup:


• Integrated Well Project Management


• Engineering Project Management

Through kick-off meetings and fact finding together with our clients Well Engineering Partners is setting out achievable goal paths.

Initial feasibility studies can be generated which will highlight best possible cases taking into account all alternatives. Which location will be most suitable for drilling the well and which geology will be encountered.


Different alternatives will most likely need different well design and drill paths as well as different well completions. Initial well drilling and material costs will be estimated.


This will be presented together with project timeframe to you with the project team.Depending on outcome the most suitable case will be chosen by you based on Well Engineering Partners’ recommendations. This case will be further studied after the Go-No go decision.


Detailed studies will be performed in the following areas:


Well design Well Trajectory Geology Mud specifications
Casing selection Rig selection Site layout Torque and drag

WEP Well Delivery Process

This all to further minimize project risk and engineer toward a best possible well. These studies will be performed in-house or through Well Engineering Partners extensive partner networks if required and industry leading software packages will be used when needed. Regular project meetings will ensure that you are always up to date on the project progress and its status.


Parallel or prior to the detailed studies planning applications can be made. Through Well Engineering Partners’ up to date knowledge of planning regulations and mining laws, Well Engineering Partners can speed up the planning applications stage and guide you through this application process.


Final well design will be presented with the integrated project team and when approved a drilling program will be created. The WEProcurement process will be initiated where long lead items, like drill rig and casings,  and other costs items can be send out for tendering and followed through till their usage in the project.


Once the drilling program, equipment and all related services companies are contracted Well Engineering Partners is then proud to conduct all drilling operations on the behalf of the you as the so-called “company man” which is part of our operational support services. Throughout the drilling operations open and transparent communications are maintained in daily meetings and project overview.


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