Arkema sidetrack in existing salt well

Vauvert, FR, 24apr10. Arkema hires Well Engineering Partners for various well intervention and drilling services. Arkema is a world-class producer in most of its product lines, including PMMA, fluorochemicals, hydrogen peroxide, organic peroxides and molecular sieves, and a regional leader in others, including chlorochemicals in Europe. One of the Sodium Chloride Brine Producing wells needed a 450 m sidetrack. This was fully designed, project managed and succesfully completed by Well Engineering Partners on behalf of Arkema.

Company:  ARKEMA Description:  Drilling sidetrack to existing well (Deviated  450m)
     Wireline activities
Location:  Vauvert Fr.  Scope:  Design documentation
Start date:  24April2010  HSE documentation
End date:  25May2010  Material & Service procurement
 Drilling management
 Testing of the well