Drilling Nedmag TR-09 salt solution well

Veendam, NL, 10nov11. Well Engineering Partners provided various services for magnesium brine producing wells owned by Nedmag. To increase the production, Nedmag decided to drill a new well TR-09. Project planning, tendering engineering, coordination, management and supervision was carried out by WEP, whereas other companies provided the materials and services.

In November and December of 2011 the well was drilled by the drilling contractor KCA Deutag, using their T45 rig. The spuddate was the 10th of November and the rig was released on the 19th of December.

The well situated in Veendam NL was successfully drilled to target TD within the available budget. The target depth of the S-shaped well is located at 2274mah and 1630m TVD. The well has a Kickoff point at 120m TVD and an inclination of more than 60 degrees. The directional drilling was done by a rotary steerable BHA. The final 80 meters has been drilled with a coring BHA. Coring went successful with 96% recovery rate.

Company:  Nedmag Description:  S-shaped well  2274m AH / 1630m TVD
  Scope:  Drilling programs
Location:  Veendam NL  Material & Service procurement
Start date:  10November2011  Contracting support
End date:  19December2011  Drilling management
   Drilling supervision
 Detailed design