Geothermal doublet Tomato-nursery v/d Bosch, Bleiswijk and Berkel & Rodenrijs NL

Bleiswijk, NL, 16oct06 and 22feb09. Tomato nursery v/d Bosch used WEP/PGMi for the realization of the first geothermal doublet in the Netherlands, used for the heating of greenhouses. The tomato nursery is situated in Bleiswijk and also in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The company used WEP/PGMi’s well engineering and drilling supervision services for their geothermal doublet. The two deviated wells, both with a vertical depth of 1700 meters and 2400 meters AH are used for generating safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy for heating a field of 15 ha with plants. WEP/PGMi was hired to perform the well design of the geothermal doublet, supervise the drilling of both wells and help with the start-up of the production after drilling completion.

After completing the doublet in Bleiswijk, v/d Bosch wanted  a similar doublet for heating his facility located in Berkel en Rodenrijs in the Netherlands. Again they used WEP/PGMi’s services for realization of the two wells. these wells are drilled to a vertical depth of 1800 meters and 2000 m AH.

Company: v/d Bosch tomato nursery Description: geothermal doublet (deviated)
Location: Bleiswijk depth 1.7 km and length 2.4 km
Berkel en Rodenrijs Scope: Geology
Start date: 16October2006 Well engineering
End date: 15February2007 Drilling programs
Well management
Start date: 22February2009 Well testing
End date: 17August2009