Maghreb Petroleum Exploration 2 Gas exploration wells

Tendrara, MA, 22mar06. Maghreb Petroleum Exploration decided to drill in underbalanced conditions two deviated gas exploration wells, with cemented completions  to a vertical depth of 2700 meters in a desert environment in the Tendrara concession, some 75 kms north west of Bouarfa. WEP acted as project manager on behalf of Maghreb Petroleum Exploration S.A. (MPE).  WEP provided their setup for Integrated Project Management  to drill succesfull exploration wells on behalf of MPE.

Company:  Maghreb Petroleum Description:  2 deviated gas exploration wells (2,7 km depth)
 Exploration Scope:  Drilling programs
Location:  Morocco  Rig tendering
Start date:  22March2006  Material & Services procurement
End date:  03July2006  Drilling management