Research & Development

During the years, WEP has come across problems without good available solutions. Therefore, WEP is developing equipment and techniques for specific problems and non-standard solutions. The Research and Development team exists out of both experienced mechanical and drilling engineers and uses 3D-CAD software for modeling and Finite Element Analysis. This results in products that are designed to meet functional, mechanical and operational the needed requirements. To be able to coop with  to the often harsh well or drilling environment, equipment can be mechanical checked by applying several analysis, e.g. static, frequency (resonance analysis), fatigue and drop tests analysis.


Examples of recent developments are:


  • Injection Pressure Control Valve.
  • Production testing technology.
  • Completion drilling for salt caverns.
  • Enhanced severing tool development (moab).
  • Special Launching subs for the use in caverns.
  • Flexible water injection completion



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