Geothermal: Ammerlaan Geothermie doublet delivery

Ammerlaan Geothermie B.V. intends to drill two wells forming a geothermal doublet for district and greenhouse heating. Both wells have long tangent sections @ 58 degrees and will be completed with wire wrapped screens.
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Geothermal: CLG well intervention

CAL-GT-04 has been producing for 1,5 year. Due to the corrosive nature of the production fluid and to minimize the future corrosion process in the wellbore, it was required to install a ⅜” Inhibition line (capillary Coil) and suspend it at the reservoir read more »

Salt: ESCO – Frisia well BAS-3O workover

In order to accommodate for future production from the cavern, the flush 9-5/8” casing (outer leaching string) shoe was required to be raised.
During the first phase of the project, multiple logs were performed in order to assess the state of read more »

Geothermal: Hoogweg Aardwarmte Luttelgeest triplet delivery

In May ‘18 the 3rd well was successfully drilled and completed. On May 22nd the VarioRig VDD370.2 was fully demobilized. The last phase of the wells delivery phase commenced on June 4th ’18. Whereas the first well was tested with the VarioRig VDD370.2 read more »

Lansingerland Doublet delivery

February 2018, Completion of another geothermal doublet for the heating of greenhouses.
Summary data: Lansingerland, the Netherlands Client: Warmtebedrijf Bergschenhoek B.V. Start date: August 2017 End date: December 2017 Result: Delivery read more »

Hoogweg Aardwarmte B.V. Triplet, ready to go

February 2018, Luttelgeest, The Netherlands Preparations for this project started mid ‘17 with the concept and detailed design of the triplet wells phase, followed by the process of securing the permits and materials and services required to read more »

First well of geothermal doublet for ECW Andijk

January 2018, Drilling two geothermal doublets for the heating of 9 greenhouses.
Summary data: • Andijk, The Netherlands • Operator: ECW (Energie Combinatie Wieringemeer) • Start date: November 2017 • End date: December read more »

Work over high pressure salt production well Nedmag

Replacement of inner completion and cleanout for a high pressure salt production well
Summary data: • Veendam, The Netherlands • Start date: October 2017 • End date: November 2017 • Goal: Re-establish injection and replace inner read more »