New Technology

First ECI field trial

At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Huisman Well Technology (HWT) deployed for the first time the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) system in a deep and deviated well. ECI is designed to reduce well construction costs and related risks by installing read more »

Akiet BV starts building manufacturing facility in Lelystad

June 2015, Lelystad, the Netherlands
Over the past years Akiet has developed and proven its high strength composite pipe system for the drilling industry which resulted in the major highlight of building a production facility.
Planned read more »

ECI Rotary Steerable System

Huisman Well Technology (HWT) is developing a fully mechanical Rotary Steerable System (RSS) based on unique features of the Enhanced Casing Installation(ECI) system. Read read more »

Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI)

Huisman Well Technology developed the Enhanced Casing Installation (ECI) technology and successfully tested the system in the Czech Republic on a Huisman LOC400 casing drilling installation.
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World depth record with innovative High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™)

The 7”HSCC™ has been successfully installed covering the oil reservoir from 4917-5015 in a 5123m well which immediately result in the world record deepest high strength composite casing application.   Vision: Drilling with read more »

Breakthrough with innovative High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™)

Oil and Gas.  Acquit Business Development (ABD) with Well Engineering Partners (WEP) as major shareholder in ABD have developed a High Strength Composite Casing (HSCC™) system. ABD will deliver in the middle of May the first read more »

Finite Element Model for casing running buckling analysis

WEP is involved in finding solutions for running casing in extreme long reach wells. A part of the project consisted of modeling the buckling behavior. A finite element model is now available that calculates the behavior read more »

Injection Pressure Control Valve (IPCV)

WEP is involved in one of the most extensive geothermal heat project in the Netherlands. This project will provide heating for 4000 houses and apartments. The geothermal doublet has a vertical depth of over 2000 meters. read more »