Operational Support

In this services option an in-house resident engineer will supply the necessary engineering support required for the day to day business. He or she will be the interface between you as a client and the specialists for a specific job. The resident engineer will be supported by back-office to anlarge the engineering service provided.


The following tasks are typically handled by the in-house engineer, but are not limited to this list:


Well maintenance supervision Preparations  of well intervention operations and supervision Well production control Operational mining reporting
Drilling supervision Permit application assistance General well site maintenance supervision Client internal project assistance

The resident engineer can be fully integrated in the clients’ organization. Within this setup the resident engineer will have fully or partly access to all the organizational systems in order to perform the tasks needed and to maximize the value added to the clients’ organization.


This services offering will be beneficial to those organizations with shortage of workforce or skilled employees in the area of Well Engineering and Solution Mining. For companies who want to start up their operations or want to increase their operation can hire Well Engineering Partners’ expertise through an in-house resident engineer.


Contact Well Engineering Partners if you want to upscale your workforce with specialized well engineering and solution mining expertise!


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